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Encouraging Words, Healing Hearts and Souls

Are you creating the life you always wanted?

Take a personal inventory. Are you satisfied? Are you fulfilled in your relationships?  What do you crave? Are you living up to your full potential? Are you doing what God asks of you? Pondering on such thoughts brings awareness to your inner being. Praying in thoughtful response to the conditions of your heart opens the door of opportunities. Are you creating the life you always wanted?

Quotes to Inspire

"Sometimes it seems we've strayed from our convictions that standards of right and wrong do exist and must be lived up to. God, the source of our knowledge, has been expelled from the classroom. He gives us His greatest blessing, life, and yet many would condone the taking of innocent life. We expect Him to protect us in crises, but turn away from Him too often in our day-to-day living. I wonder if He isn't waiting for us to wake up.”- President Ronald Reagan

"When a true story is told with sincerity to inspire, to uplift, to motivate you to be like the heroes, then your soul is stirred. Hope rises within you and erupts in tears from your eyes. This is spiritual passion, which illuminates the powerful potential of emotional wellness." – Robert H. Schuller, “Don’t Throw Away Tomorrow”

"Knowledge of God can be fully given to man only in a Person, never in a doctrine. Faith is not the holding of correct doctrine, but personal fellowship with the living God." - William Temple

                   Daily Dose of Inspiration

As a child we build castles

   .. in the sand.

As an adult we desire to live in such a castle

   .. near the sand.

In reality, we may never have that castle, 

   ..dreaming for it, provides warmth on the beach.

                       Reflections - a poem

Reflections -- each day I recall the memories over time.

When life seemed simpler and people were kind.

Today I reflect on what all this means to me.

For tomorrow I won't be same as I used to be.

Each passing day, I change a little more.

Some wiser while sensing what I'm really here for.

Reflections don't need to take a back seat.

Because if I don't learn, then I will just repeat.

This is life and reinventing myself is what I do.

I'm a work in progress with God's point of view.

The Power of Prayer

We are called to pray for one another; in the season of giving, practicing peace, and offering forgiveness.

  • Pray for understanding and wisdom; to grow in your spirit.
  • Pray for your family, friends, and those that are in need.
  • Pray you may be able to touch the world in the life you live.
  • Pray for becoming the person you are meant to be.
  • Faith Inspired prays for you, the reader, to be touched with spiritual healing as you pray.

With an attitude of gratitude, we pray for you, our dedicated readers.

Hope & Trust

Hope is defined as a feeling of trust, to have a wish to get or do something or for something to happen or be true, especially if that something seems possible or likely.

By wanting or expecting something true to happen, we acquire hope.

Handling whatever adversity comes along to lead us into a tranquil state of being, we survive.

Preparing for changes and anticipating new beginnings to crunch out the bad habits, we dream. READ MORE ..

On Philosophy

Watching our lives in cinema, taking notes for our final test, we press on. Questioning everything we believe, doubts magnify our soul.

God’s Word is true. His promise of love will never abandon us. His grace and mercy is enough.

Peace and contentment is only gained by one absolute truth, a truth that sets you free to ultimate spiritual victory. Accumulating all our wishes into one magic bottle so we can be free is not the key to happiness.

20 Expressions of a Mother’s Unconditional Love to Honor Her this Mother’s Day

What makes a mother special? Honoring Moms with cards and gifts are common on Mother’s day. It’s a great way to express love and gratitude.

Mothers are first to kiss the wounds and bandage scrapped knees. They have big hearts and provide nurturing environments. Moms are the first you call when you have news to share. 

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Father’s Day message: Lessons Dads teach us

Father's Day is honored the third Sunday in June each year. Parents are important. What better way to honor them than by sharing the lessons they teach us along the way.

God has a special role for fathers. When Abram’s name was changed to Abraham, God told him, “I have made you a father of many nations” (Genesis 17:5), clearly indicating fatherhood as a place of honor in His eyes.

Thus, even though the Bible does not mention a Father’s Day, we can clearly see that God does recognize the importance of fathers and even gave them special honor throughout history.  Lessons Dads teach..

Faith Inspired - A journey of faith

A journey of inspiration with views of nature and oceans.

Life Lessons for Every Day Application

Life Lessons can be found in every day activities and experiences. Choose to live a life filled with purpose and leave a legacy to those in your life's circle.

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What does it mean to be a Christian?

Christianity is in crisis. Battling controversy and portrayed as hypocrites, Christians are illustrated as one who lives by one set of rules then does something else. They are represented as living judgmental lives.

What does it mean to be a Christian? It means to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind. It means to love others the way Christ loved. (Matthew 22:36-40)