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Encouraging Words, Healing Hearts and Souls

Design Elements of Writing Poetry

Stories are the elements of writings in which to inspire, to make you laugh, to find healing, and gain new found wisdom.

Combined with poetry, stories can be uplifting and encouraging to one another.

Finding comfort from a broken heart can ascend with storytelling. Whether the hurt is from grief, loss, or separation, sustaining hope can be found there.

To inspire another

Good writing joins words that can invoke passion and inspire one to move forward. Whispering words that announce the arrival of something new, this can inspire one to dream. 

Silent tears are lingering. Overwhelming emotions are captivating. Blessings can be found in the darkest hours.  Resembling harmony, with an approaching hope, to be able to live again.

Life Rising

When I consider the heavens,

The work of your hands,

What is man in the wake of all this?

Man is nothing,

But a speck of dust

This world we live in,

Is unstable

Times are challenging

Our Environment is


Trying to survive,

We cry out

In anguish and pain

Looking for Answers

Within our Prayers

Reflecting on the captured

Of the Gulf Oil Spill,

Contemplating the Answers

Desiring to change

Is not enough,

It's how you live

The Human Spirit is Strong

Beginning within each of us

Starting with the smallest of things

Beckoning with

Fearless Abandonment

Our Earth needs us

Strong storms of promise

The rewards are great

Being part of something

Bigger than yourself

If we are to survive

The Future

For the world

We inhabit

Bridging the gaps

That binds us

To make a new Reality

With Prayer and Thanksgiving,

By making a small Difference

In the way we live

To give our children

A better future.


Whistling tunes of days gone by,

Wondering and looking at the reasons why.

Standing upon this mountain, encountering the stings,

Finding a glorified hope, that a peaceful healing brings.

Awakened by this moment of a fleeing opportunity,

Finding myself whimsical during this distant adversity.

                                                 TWO HEARTS

We fly like Eagles

We love like Angels

We are given promises.

We have the

Memories Of



A candle burns

In their memory

For the hearts

Those are sorely missed


On this day,

Two hearts

Became one


There was a man.

And he loved.

There was a woman.

And she loved.


They grew to love

One another


It was Oct of ‘51,

United in love

and it was summer of 2010,

United for all of eternity


On that day,

She became a wife.

He became a husband.

Becoming a family together


An angel burns

Bright tonight

For these

Two people


For we do not need

To be concerned,

Or worry,

About tomorrow

As in the promise

Of the rainbow,

We will be

Together again

For today,

We remember you


You are loved.

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Genuine faith may be in the soul like a hidden seed.

Plant for the harvest and expect growth.

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