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Living by Faith

Living in Faith, each day, by a desire to communicate the truth.

For we all know that "the Truth shall set you Free."

It's the paths we take and the choices we make that will lead us into tomorrow.

Change is inevitable, focus on the positive, chase your dreams and become the person you want to be.

Set Yourself Free. Be the One you most Admire.

Watching our lives in cinema, taking notes for our final test, we press on.

Questioning everything we believe in, doubts magnify our soul. Accumulating all our wishes in one magic bottle, so we can be free, is not the key to happiness.

Peace and contentment is only gained by one absolute truth, a truth that sets you free to ultimate spiritual victory.

Live at peace

To be able to live in peace requires more from your spirit than from your soul.


When love in your life has vanished, and you have nowhere to turn, reflect upon your past.

It is then when you will find, only one set of footprints were in the sand.

That is when you will know, that He had carried you all along.

Seasons of Change

Everything happens for a reason. Difficult situations will happen in life.

The strong spirit of man will come through any tragedy.

Life and Love, the two can coexist



In our silence, observing His glory, the power of God’s love, is with us always.

In life and love, existing together to share harmony and beauty.

Inspiring thoughts to ignite a passion inside.



Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.




Dreams don't die, renew your dreams & just believe

Don't let your dreams stop, build upon them. Strive to realize the dreams you have are leading you, to achieve the impossible.

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Genuine faith may be in the soul like a hidden seed.

Plant for the harvest and expect growth.

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